You have to try it!

Choose our shortest race and choose the Pentecost sunday in Keszthely!

Main details
Entry fee
Over 18 year
0 Ft
Under 18 year
0 Ft
Price available
1970.01.01. - 1970.01.01.
The 2.5-km race can be a perfect event for school friends, athletes and triathletes, and it can be recommended for beginners or false beginners too.

You can prepare for this distance in a relatively short time, which can be the beginning of a life style change.

Do not worry about the word SPRINT in the name of the event; it was only meant for ‘lovers of speed’, but whatever is your pace, we will wait for you.

But if you run fast, we will pick up your rhythm too.
Race place: Keszthely, at the Center of Keszthely
Entry fees
DateOver 18 yearUnder 18 year
2022.02.15. - 2022.03.15.4 000 Ft/person3 000 Ft/person
2022.03.16. - 2022.06.02.5 000 Ft/person3 000 Ft/person

Pre-registration closing: 2022.06.02.

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