Race information - Race information
Keszthelyi Kilométerek Egyesület
8360 Keszthely Sörház utca 3.
Telefon: +36 30 267 1236
Date / Location

Date: 24-25 aug 2024, Sunday
Keszthely festetics palace garden



25. Aug 2024, Sunday       10.00 h   21 km individual and relay
                                          10.15 h   14 km individual and relay                                           
                                          11.00 h   7 km           
                                          12.30 h   3 km


Organiser / Information

Keszthelyi Kilométerek Egyesület (Kilometres of Keszthely Association)
H-8360 Keszthely Deák F. street 45.
Phone: + 36 30 267 12 36

Race office

Keszthely Festetics Palace garden

Opening hours (on-the-spot entry picking up start numbers, chips, start packages):  
24 Aug 2024, Saturday    14.00-18.00
25 Aug 2024, Sunday      07.00-09.30 – 21 km and 14 km
                                         07.00-10.30 – 7 km
                                         07.00-12.00 - 3 km

Changing rooms / Cloackroom / Toilet 

Bags are available at the changing rooms.
Mobil toilets are in the race center.


3 km2 lap individual2×1,5km
7 km1 lap individual7km
14 km2 laps individual2×7 km
14 km2 laps relay (2 person)2×7km
21 km3 laps individual3×7km
21 km3 laps relay (3 person)3×7km

By the Central there will be various children's programmes all day long; fun sports contests for families and running races for kindergarten and school children too.

Start / Finish

The START and the FINISH gate will be located at the Festetics Palace

Relay Points

The relay point will be at the START gate.
The runners can have water, glucose, chocolate and isotonic drink at the stations.
Refreshment stations will be located at 3 points of the route along the town centre.
Individual refreshments may be handed in at the race office till 09.00 with marking the number of the desired station.

Measuring time / Chips

Measuring times by chips will measure net time at the race.

Registration / Entry

Please registrate in the online registration modul end entry the Keszthelyi Kilometerek. 
You can pick up you start number, chip and start packages at the above times at the race office.

Paying the entry fee

You can pay on KKM by bank card.
- PAYING BY BANK CARD is possible  with VISA, VISA Electron, V-Pay, MasterCard, Maestro and JCB cards.

ON-LINE entrants will receive a message confirming their registration and the receipt of the entry fee.
In the event of cancelling a paid registration, the entry will be officially valid for next year’s /i.e. 2025/ Keszthelyi Kilométerek race.

Participants under the age of 18 shall submit a duly signed document of their parents' approval upon entering the race.

The registration fee includes
- medal
- refreshments at the refreshments stations
- medical and police attendance
- time measurement by chips

Prizes / Medal

Upon arrival at the finish each participant receives a medal at the finish. 
Runners in the following places will receive cups, medals.
The various category results of individual participants will also receive prizes. In the relay the mixed teams are in the same category as the men’s teams.

Doctor in charge of the race

The official doctor of the race is Dr. Margit Dudás sports specialist. The mobile doctor will dispatch the ambulance stationing in the center to any case of injury or sickness along the route. In the tents next to the refreshment stations there will be paramedical staff, who will keep in touch with the mobile doctor. 

Securing the route

Runners will have the right of way all along the whole route. So, along the stretch of the route within the town they will run on streets with a lane blocked off for them. The whole of the course will be secured by the organisers with the police directing the traffic in the busier junctions.

Parking / Road closures

Please, consult the race map on the page.

Official conditions of participation

By filling out and signing the entry form or by registering online every entrant accepts the rules of the race and the authority of the jury and shall obey the rules of the race. By doing so, the participants declare that they enter the race on their own responsibility and that their physical condition is suitable for participation in the race. They shall inform the race doctor about any illness they may have, and should the race doctor consider it necessary, they shall accept being examined by him.

The Rules of the race

• anyone running without a start number or with a start number that is invisible or hidden or folded or taking their T-shirt off shall be disqualified from the race,
• leaving the course or taking shortcuts shall also be sanctioned by disqualification,
• participants not covering the whole distance, going off the marked route or behaving in any other way that is unfair towards the other participants shall be disqualified,
• those filling out the entry form incorrectly with untrue data or with information missing shall be disqualified,
• check points will be located along the race route, at which the race jury may check participants' passing and/or times,
• accompanying cars or bicycles may only be used by organisers,
• food and drinks for participants is allowed only at the refreshment stations,
• time measuring takes place in a chip system, which is included in the entry fee, so it does not have to be paid for extra,
• for valuables and personal items lost at the race venues the organizers cannot take any responsibility,
• roller/inline skating, cycling, running without a start number or running with a dog is prohibited at the race,
• any commercial or advertising activity at the race venues is only allowed with prior permission by the organisers and in a way approved by them,
• for organisational reasons the organisers retain their right to limit the number of participants and/or to close the entry at any time,
• the organisers retain their right to change the route, the programme and the date/times.
3 km - futás
Dateover 18 yrsunder 18 yrs
2024.06.17. - 2024.06.30.4 000 Ft/person3 000 Ft/person
2024.07.01. - 2024.08.18.5 000 Ft/person3 000 Ft/person

7 km - futás
Dateover 18 yrsunder 18 yrs
2024.06.17. - 2024.06.30.6 000 Ft/person3 000 Ft/person
2024.07.01. - 2024.08.18.7 000 Ft/person3 000 Ft/person

14,1 km egyéni - futás
Dateover 18 yrsunder 18 yrs
2024.06.17. - 2024.06.30.7 000 Ft/person4 000 Ft/person
2024.07.01. - 2024.08.18.8 000 Ft/person4 000 Ft/person

21,2 km egyéni - futás
Dateover 18 yrsunder 18 yrs
2024.06.17. - 2024.06.30.7 500 Ft/person4 000 Ft/person
2024.07.01. - 2024.08.18.8 500 Ft/person4 000 Ft/person

14,1 km 2 fős csapat - futás
Dateover 18 yrsunder 18 yrs
2024.06.17. - 2024.06.30.12 000 Ft/pair8 000 Ft/pair
2024.07.01. - 2024.08.18.14 000 Ft/pair8 000 Ft/pair

21,2 km 3 fős csapat - futás
Dateover 18 yrsunder 18 yrs
2024.06.17. - 2024.06.30.18 000 Ft/team12 000 Ft/team
2024.07.01. - 2024.08.18.21 000 Ft/team12 000 Ft/team