Main details
A running race is not only about performance and overcoming ourselves but also about teams, running together and shared joy.
At the Kilometres of Keszthely races relays, two of which you can choose from, are becoming more and more popular.
14 km for teams of two: 2 persons (female, male and mixed teams - mixed relays count as male)
21 km relay: 3 persons (female, male and mixed teams - mixed relays count as male)
We recommend registering for the relay to those who
  • only have time to run once a week
  • have some sporting background but due to some injury or any other reason had to stop running for some time
  • are mothers, and they have just restarted doing sport after the birth of a child
  • took up sport only at an older age
  • like to perform and fight for each other in a team
  • prefer shorter distances
Things you should know about the KKM relay races
  • the Keszthely running track is a circular one
  • one lap is 7 km long
  • every lap has 3 refreshing stations
  • there is medical staff at every refreshing station
  • the chips are inside the baton but members have a team start number and a separate start number for each member too
  • at the KKM every relay team member receives a medal
At the Kilometres of Keszthely running race relay runners get the same services as individual runners. Eat and drink at the refreshment stations without hesitation to make sure you will arrive at the finish. If you are over 12 and you are an athlete or triathlete, gather your friends and forma team. It will be a real experience to get into the adults’ world and compete with them.

Relays are popular with corporate teams, because they are a great opportunity for promoting your company and strengthening the team spirit. It is like a pleasant team building event, because not only team members have to be found but supporters must be recruited as well. The following are some corporate teams that have honoured the Kilometres of Keszthely races several times: NaturMed Hotel Carbona, Hotel Európa fit and Lotus Hotel & Thermal Spa.
Good to know!
If one person is missing from your team, find a fellow runner running individually to complete the team. He/she will be the first runner, having two start numbers: and individual and relay one. That will make you ready for participation in the race.
Entry fees (2024.08.18. -ig )
Over 18 yrsUnder 18 yrs
14,1 km 2 fős csapat - futás14 000 Ft/pair8 000 Ft/pairOnline entry
21,2 km 3 fős csapat - futás21 000 Ft/team12 000 Ft/teamOnline entry
Entry fees at the weekend
Entry fees at the weekend
14,1 km 2 fős csapat - futás15 000 Ft/pair
21,2 km 3 fős csapat - futás22 500 Ft/team