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  • Perhaps, you go to athletics trainings and you are 10 or older?
  • Or you have just started and 10 km would be too much ...
  • Or you just love to run fast.
If so, our separate, 2.5 and 5 km races at the Kilometres of Keszthely are just for you.THEY ARE HELD ON SUNDAY EARLY MORNING!

Run along the 2.5-km circular track built in the centre of the town, where it will be a great experience to reach the finishing line with the audience of Keszthely cheering around you.

Everything will be exactly the same as on the longer tracks, so you can give a longer distance a shot next year.
Entry fees (2022.03.15. -ig )
Over 18 yrsUnder 18 yrs
Sprint 2,5 km4 000 Ft/person3 000 Ft/personOnline entry
Sprint 5 km4 000 Ft/person3 000 Ft/personOnline entry
Helyszíni nevezési díjak
Helyszíni nevezési díj
Sprint 2,5 km5 000 Ft/person
Sprint 5 km5 000 Ft/person