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Anyone who decides to run half-marathon must definitely have willpower, stamina, ambition and a love of running.

We recommend you to try the super fast track of the Kilometres of Keszthely event.
Make up your mind and be brave! It will be a real challenge, where you will have to fight yourself and you can only rely on yourself.
And, of course, us. But your glory is guaranteed!
And if you have done the first (or umpteenth) half marathon of your life, you have to go for the marathon next year!
Entry fees (2024.08.18. -ig )
Over 18 yrsUnder 18 yrs
21,2 km egyéni - futás8 500 Ft/person4 000 Ft/personOnline entry
Entry fees at the weekend
Entry fees at the weekend
21,2 km egyéni - futás9 000 Ft/person