Main details
Test yourself in this event if the sprint distances, i.e. 2.5 and 5 km, are not challenging enough for you.

You should also choose the individual 10 km if you do not wish to look for members for a relay team but would rather like to enjoy your success alone.
We recommend registering for the 10 km event to those who
  • only have time to run once a week
  • have some sporting background but due to some injury or any other reason had to stop running for some time
  • are just starting doing exercise again after the birth of their child
  • took up sport only at an older age
  • enjoy shorter distances more.
If during your training you emphasize faster running more, you should also join us, since here you can test your performance and development under race conditions.
The achievement of this event will provide you with a solid basis for a half marathon in autumn or spring.
Entry fees (2022.03.15. -ig )
Over 18 yrsUnder 18 yrs
10 km egyéni6 000 Ft/person4 000 Ft/personOnline entry
Helyszíni nevezési díjak
Helyszíni nevezési díj
10 km egyéni7 000 Ft/person