5 km is already a serious race!

Run the first running race of your life in Keszthely and try the 5 kilometers!

Main details
Entry fee
Over 18 year
0 Ft
Under 18 year
0 Ft
Price available
1970.01.01. - 1970.01.01.
5 km can be the right distance for beginners and false beginners.
And, of course, for those who want to do it as a warm-up for their half-marathon or marathon. 
Doing 5 km is a great achievement! It is a good idea to prepare conscientiously for it.
And then go for the 10 km next year!
Race place: Keszthely, at the Center of Keszthely
Entry fees
DateOver 18 yearUnder 18 year
2022.02.15. - 2022.03.15.4 000 Ft/person3 000 Ft/person
2022.03.16. - 2022.06.02.5 000 Ft/person3 000 Ft/person

Pre-registration closing: 2022.06.02.

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