Our most popular race the Half Marathon!

Whether it's your first Half Marathon or more, we'll cheering for you!

Main details
Entry fee
Over 18 year
0 Ft
Under 18 year
4 000 Ft
Price available
1970.01.01. - 1970.01.01.
The half marathon is not a ‘little marathon’ ...

It is true that the distance is shorter - 21.1 km - but the achievement is not less at all. For half marathon runners this is a challenge equal to that of a marathon. Anyone who decides to run this distance must definitely have willpower, stamina, ambition and a love of running!

We recommend you to enter the half marathon race of the Kilometres of Keszthely event if you
  • have been running for 1-2 years, and sport has become part of your life
  • can run distances of about 10 km several times a week
  • are an experienced runner but you prefer shorter, more dynamic races
  • you have already run marathons, but in the past few years you have not had the opportunity to train enough to do it again
Before entry it is important to read some useful information about the Kilometres of Keszthely half marathon race.
  • the most popular event of the Keszthely running race, the half marathon, consists of two laps of equal lengths on the 10.55-km circular track with 5 refreshment stations (about 2 km from one another)
  • every half marathon runner receives a medal, made in Hungary (This year’s ones will be special again, we promise!)
  • the start numbers contain the chips, so there is no deposit
Would you like to help your running buddy who is not prepared to run a half marathon alone yet?
You have participated in the relay several times and now you would like to do the individual half marathon?

Do not hesitate to register for the individual race and you can also be the first runner of your relay team, while your friend will run the second round.
Make up your mind and be brave! It will be a real challenge, where you will have to fight yourself and you can only rely on yourself.
And, of course, us. But your glory is guaranteed!

And if you have done the first (or umpteenth) half marathon of your life, you have to go for the marathon next year!
Race place: Keszthely, at the Lake of Balaton - Moló
Entry fees
DateOver 18 yearUnder 18 year
2021.02.25. - 2021.03.31.6 500 Ft/person4 000 Ft/person
2021.04.01. - 2021.08.31.7 000 Ft/person4 000 Ft/person
2021.09.01. - 2021.09.12.7 500 Ft/person4 000 Ft/person

Pre-registration closing: 2021. 09. 12.

On-site entry on the weekend of the competition: 9 000 Ft / person