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Running ... What makes this word a mom, a teacher or a coach think of? The child they bring up and teach.
Children do not care what the weather or the ground is like; they run anyway if they have a little spare time.
We would like them to continue doing exercise in their adolescence and adulthood too. That is why we, as running race organizers as well as parents, place increasing emphasis on children’s running races.
Years ago we already took a great step when we organized kids’ races on a separate day, on the Saturday before the big race. Many enthusiastic children and parents came to the opening day’s events. Moreover, more of them came than we had expected. The race office could hardly manage the registration of the entries and there were also a lot of people on the running track at the same time. That is why it became necessary to adjust the procedures of the children’s races to the adult ones. So, everything will be the same as for the real, big runners.


Children aged 0-3 run together with their parents, hand in hand, in boy-girl races. They are the “Clattering Feet”.
Those aged 4-14 run in groups based on each year. So, every child competes with others in their age group.


  • parents may accompany their children only in the “Clattering Feet” event (ages 0-3)
  • registration, which is still free, takes place on Friday from 17:00 and on Saturday morning from 08:00 in the race office, where every child entrant has to fill in the entry form, which can also be downloaded on our website by parents and teachers and can be brought with them filled in
  • the entry form has to be signed by a parent, who also takes responsibility for their child’s participation
  • children need to get in the mood, so we suggest that you should arrive at the race and get registered in time, so that the children will have at least 10-15 minutes to get ready and find their friends
  • after the events of the little children the announcement of their results starts immediately, and then after the events of the big ones the announcement of their results takes place, and the gold, silver and bronze medals are handed over
Running should be safe – basic rules for “Clattering Feet”
Dear parents, please, DO NOT run at your pace but follow the little one, their speed must set your pace. In this way, falls, accidents and injuries can be avoided and it will be guaranteed that you will see a smile on your child’s face upon arrival at the finishing line and not tears.
Available distances:
0-6 years of age250 m
7-9 years of age500 m
10-12 years of age1000 m
13-14 years of age1500 m
  • starting separate boys’ and girls’ categories (if justified by weather forecast, boys’ and girls’ events may be united in one)
  • entry is still free of charge
  • entrants for the running races get armbands and start numbers
  • every participating child receives a Kilometres of Keszthely medal and a gift pack
  • every 1st, 2nd and 3rd runner in each age group is awarded a gold, silver or bronze medal, and the winning boy or girl receives a wonderful cup in every age group


Entry is still free of charge! In order to prevent queuing, please, arrive at the race office with your entry forms already filled in – download HERE
Children’s entry forms can be submitted in the lobby of the Balaton Theatre already on Friday.
• 25 Sept 2020, Friday 17:00 - 20:00
• 26 Sept 2020, Saturday from 08:00


08:00 Registration for family running races starts in the theatre, where you can submit your downloaded and completed entry forms and get your start numbers.
From 10:00 LITTLE ONES’ (born between 2014 and 2020) events, continuouslydistances
“Clattering Feet” running races with Daddy or Mummy for children born in 2017-2020250 m
for children born in 2016250 m
for children born in 2015250 m
for children born in 2014  250 m
the common announcement of the results for the age group 2014 - 2020 starts after the events 
From 12:00 BIG ONES’ (born between 2006 and 2013) events, continuously
for children born in 2013500 m
for children born in 2012500 m
for children born in 2011500 m
for children born in 2010 1000 m
for children born in 20091000 m
for children born in 20081000 m
for children born in 20071500 m
for children born in 20061500 m
the common announcement of the results for the age group 2006 - 2013 starts after the events 
Over 18 yrsUnder 18 yrs